Are you tired of calling all of those tire kickers and unqualified Internet leads 2 or 3 times and not getting them on the phone?

We provide a lead verification & qualification service for franchise companies & franchise brokers.

As Internet leads become harder to contact, the old 1 out of 100 isn’t viable anymore. You simply can’t effectively call 100′s of new Internet leads 2-3 times every month and still work with the leads that are serious.

That is where our service enters the arena, we will do all of your initial calls. We are a full service franchise lead qualification company.

- We call each lead 3 times (different times/different days)
- We email each lead 3 times  (from a generic email box)
- We qualify every response to your specifications
- We setup an appointment via an online appointment schedule.
- We send you an email with all of the pertinent information.

We also provide you with a monthly report by lead source that will supply you important data like: # of leads vs # of contacts vs # of appointments vs # of unqualified leads etc…

Use your time to close deals, let us do the leg work! See how it works here.

Call us: 484-366-1859 or use the form below to request more information about our service.